One man stood up immediatelly and told them that he is from Ukraine and he may help. Next day he called to his relatives in Ukraine and in one month they have found a Irina's sister in Donetsk children house. The family was very glad, mailed to the children house and got a picture of the girl. She was really beautiful. Dark eyes, dark hair, charming smile. In two months they came to see her and hired me a interpreter.
I met them in the airport together with director of Good Shepard Shelter where Tatyana stayed for a year. I was anxious about future meeting and director told me what she knew. The girl got to Good Shepard 3 years ago after a traffic accident. The driver ran away and left a girl with wounds on her leg. Her mother never cared about her. She was a drunkard and had a bad company, changed men often and neighbours felt sorry for her daughter. And after that accident neighbours saw sufferings of Tatyana and lost their patience. They went to police and reported the situation. Mother lost her parent rights and Tatyana went to orphanage. There they started treatement but it was late. So the girl got terrible scars on her leg. And nobody ever found the driver.
When she finished her story it was time for Griffins to come. We went downstairs and soon the customer announced their names. And then they came from the door. They look like "real American" family. He was tall, with red hair and American smile, she was small and beautiful. And Irina was a small and naughty blond imp. They cared about her more than any parents I've ever seen.
All the way to the children house Maribeth asked me questions about this and that and talked about adoption of Irina. They were calm all the way, but when we reached to the gates of children house excitement overwhelmed them. Walt took camera and we entered the door. She was there. She waited for us, rushed to her sister and embraced her. She cried and all who were present cried too.
To be continued.....