небольшой рассказ, даже скорее зарисовка... наверное она очень личная для меня самой... ведь писала я ее под аккомпонимент собственных переживаний и чувств...

The Dance

“…I miss you.
You know, sometimes, the world around us is going mad with every shade of golden autumn and unstoppable happiness of dying summer, with despair of a man in the dirt and an empty bottle beside him, with a sense of death and with a memento of something that we ones had. Now, I’m choking on my own feelings and loneliness. Do you remember, I wonder?” she stoped writing for a second and looked in the window. Street cleaner was just about to start burning the leaves. He did it every autumn filling the whole neighbourhood with bluish smoke. It smelled like tobacco.

She reached out to the packet of cigarettes and smoked, slowly, almost passionately enjoying every mouthful of her own little poison. “Everyone has some kind of slow killer,” she thought, “ coffee for example, so I guess there is nothing wrong with a gentle smoke ones a day ”. Beauty of the beast, however, could not last for long so she went back to the precious letter…

“…Love you… always. Jasmine”. “You are the most important piece of writing in my life, you know that?” Her words left breathing over the letter, just like a farewell kiss, like a last journey of lucky strike's smoke left in ash-tray... she gave to the blue envelope the warmest look of all before lacking folded crispy paper inside.

The smile would not leave her face and the memories of something that she’s lost were skipping through her mind as if trying to reassure her that everything is going to be all right, and may be… may be she will get another chance… Her soul was full of hope, and she didn’t notice that the lid on a mailbox was old and loose. She threw the letter inside and headed home not looking back.

Strong sunset blast easily opened old-fashioned mailbox. Danced with it’s lid and took as much letters as he could for a flight. Jasmine’s letter landed near by the white ashes of the burned grass. They immediately fell in love with each other and waited for the next blast to come for them.

In the mean time Jasmine made a lovely cup of green tea and felt that the misery’s leaving her heart. The night was not dark any longer. “He will mail me back in a few weeks, or may be even days… I know he will”. Soft serenity and calmness took over her body…